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Danwood Smoke Flavor by Tolero Renewables Indonesia® (TRI) is certified HALAL for the food industry.

We create superior quality smoke flavor from selected hardwood timber species and guarantee 100% natural.

With 3 million litters annual production , Danwood Smoke Flavors are ready to elevate your daily meals including traditional dish.

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) FREE
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Tolero Renewables Indonesia® has developed new pyrolysis technologies which is clean, energy efficient and environment friendly.

We are the first Indonesian smoke flavor company who care about health & sustainability.

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Syelin, Consumer

I love Danwood Liquid Smoke in my dishes. I always have a spray bottle ready in my kitchen.

Chef Portrait

All products from Tolero Flavorings are very recommended. I'm sure these products will make your food not only delicious but it's very safe for your health and environment too. You must try!

Cooking wiith Grandma

Why Danwood Liquid Smoke is my choice? I would prefer this product rather than other brand for preparing all smoked menu, because it's 100% real barbecue and natural. This product also taste great for vegan menu, I believe your kids and family will enjoy the food without feel guilty.

Woman Baking

I don't have grill smoker for smoking my food, so, I found this brand "Danwood Liquid Smoke" and it helps me to cook BBQ food very easy, so tasty, and of course healthy !


Mendy, Chef

Inge, Cafe owner

Rey, Consumer

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