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  • Frozen salmon or other fish (if fresh, it will need to be frozen for 7 days at -20C to kill all parasites)

  • 4 Litre water

  • 1 cup kosher salt (pure salt and no sea salt)

  • 1 cup white sugar or brown cane sugar

  • 1⁄2 cup Danwood Liquid Smoke®


Dissolve completely the salt and sugar in the water.

Add Danwood Liquid Smoke® to the brine and mix well.

After washing and deboning your fish, put it in a pan or container and add enough brine to submerge the fish.


Cover your pan with plastic film or cover and place in fridge for 48h. At the 24h mark, turn your fish and place it back in the fridge.


After 48h, remove from the fish from the brine, rinse quickly with clean water and pat dry with paper towel.


Put back in the fridge to dry the fish. This can be done on a stainless grill or in an opened container lined with paper towels. Lay the fish skin down.


Leave in the fridge to dry for another 48h. It might be necessary to change the paper towels if they get too wet.


The fish will then be ready to slice and eat.


If making cooked smoked fish, you can cut all the times by 2. You can then cook your fish to your liking, grill, pan, or incorporated in a dish.

You can adjust the proportion of salt and sugar to your taste. If you reduce one increase the other by the same quantity.

It is also possible to add other herbs and spices during the brining process.


A good smoked salmon can be prepared in a few days without the use of a cold smoker.

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