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A fast and easy bbq sauce can be made at home using readily available ingredients that you usually have in your kitchen.

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Organic Vegetables

Eating vegetables cooked over a wood fire is tasty and make people eat more vegetables. But since we cannot have an open wood fire in our kitchens, using Danwood Smoked Oil® is the next best thing.

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Scuba Diver and Corals

A good smoked vegan seafood can be prepared in a healthiest & fastest ways without the use of a cold smoker.

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Chicken Farm

Vegan chicken is a famous menu full of flavor and goodness. There are many ways to cook it, but it needs to be low temperature and slow. Since most people do not have a smoker, the addition of liquid smoke will make the final taste undistinguishable from the smoker method.

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Boy with Calf

Most of us nowadays do not grill our vegan meats on fire or charcoal. But if you like the smell and taste of BBQ, the addition of liquid smoke will do the trick.

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Soup & Ladle

This delicious, vegan smoky stew is the definition of comfort food and can be made quickly as well as healthy for your whole family.

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